the story of fabric

"We are made for musicians who love beautiful things!"

Playing the violin is a very rewarding experience as it produces splendid music to mankind. The instrument itself is an exquisite piece of art. 

KOKON is about an extra layer of protection for irreplaceable musical instruments often times with sentimental value. KOKON violin, viola and cello sleeves are made of premium fabrics with high-end fashion. The fineness of the fabrics, and top-notch workmanship will bring musicians excellent visual and tactile enjoyment. There is a special relationship between musicians and their instruments. Your investment deserve the best!



Smooth cut by top-notch garment factory.



Each piece of fabric is uniquely designed, and made of different types of yarn combinations, with extraordinary craftmanship.



Inspired by trending fashion brands, our brand label is attached to the fabric by the ltalian polyurethane heat-bonding technology.



The soft touch lining gives your instrument an extra layer of protection.


Slim-cut round bottom style

fit into cases with padded interior

available for violin & viola

drawstring closure style

tighten up drawstring for a bag-like style

available for violin, viola & Cello

Product range and dimension

Violin Sleeve

66cmx 26cm

Violin Sleeve Drawstring

66.5cm x 26.5cm

Viola Sleeve

76cmx 31.5cm

Viola Sleeve Drawstring

73cm x 31cm

Cello Sleeve

134cm x 64cm